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Lawn Care Services

With summer arriving and our sometimes drought conditions we have as a result, be sure to ask us about our water Conservation Program. Dorsey’s Water Conservation Program Application can save you money and time by reducing your watering needs. We apply the application to your lawn and it will reduce your watering needs by 20 to 60%. This will save you time and money by letting the sometimes limited rain fall be held in reserve for your lawn and/or trees and shrubs.

Watering restrictions can and do happen. So what can you do to save your lawn and shrubs? Call Dorsey Services and ask about our Water Conservation Program. One of our trained staff will be happy to give you an estimate and/or come out and help you with making the decision.

Traveling this summer? Another great advantage to our Water Conservation Program is this application will hold the sometimes limited amount of rain we receive in reserve so your lawn and plants can use it later while you are away on a vacation or other travels.

Mosquito Reduction Program

Have a pool, a pond or creek, or even live on a lake? Mosquitoes can be a problem.  Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases, this means viruses and parasites from one person can be carried to another person without the mosquito catching the disease themselves. The main mosquito borne diseases are the viral diseases yellow fever, dengue fever and Chikungunya, transmitted mostly by the Aedes aegypti, and malaria carried by the genus Anopheles. Originally a public health concern, HIV is now found to be almost impossible for mosquitoes to carry and transmit.

With our mosquito reduction program, every month from April thru October we will apply a safe and effective product around your home and yard. Please give us a call for details.

Other Services

Tired of fire ants, fleas and ticks? Call Dorsey Services and ask about our Fire Ant and Flea & Tick Prevention. We treat your yard with a granular product that will eliminate the fire ants from your yard. As an added bonus this product also greatly reduces the fleas and ticks in your yard making your children and pets very happy. Give us a call to schedule your application or to get a free quote now.