by John Wilson on November 17, 2014

How to Review Dorsey Services on “Google My Business”.

November 17, 2014 post update.

HERE’S HOW TO POST: (using a computer may be easier than a phone or tablet)

STEP ONE:  If you don’t have a Google account, (you will need one) — just get here:  –
(click the “Create an account” link there) then fill out the form and follow the instructions.

Click the images to get a larger size view.


STEP TWO:  Click the link below to Get to our Google Page (this link might not work from phone or tablet)

Click the “Write a review” button  which will make a popup form appear – then:
Move your cursor over the Stars to select your rating, type your comments and click the Publish button.



Use the Google Maps App, (Apple users get it free from iTumes)
At the top, type: Dorsey Services, Monticello, GA
or click the microphone icon and SPEAK IT.

Tap the name at the bottom of the screen and drag it up.
continue pulling up until you get to the “Rate and review” and the 5 White Stars,

Touch the right star and it will turn Gold and be ready for you to type your comments.

Type comment and Click Post to finish.


We really do appreciate it.

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